Days 11-20 of 365

Sorry this post is a few days late! I was busy this week with a couple of appointments and my birthday! The highlights of this week include my 31st birthday, an appointment with my therapist, and a shortage in my Azathioprine which you can read about here. Emotionally it was a mixed bag. The shortage of one of my medications, as you can imagine caused a little bit of stress. Luckily it was short lived and the situation was alleviated quickly. Therapy is an every two week appointment and I have made leaps and bounds in dealing with the emotional processing of being diagnosed with two chronic illnesses, issues with my dad, my miscarriage, and a few other issues I have been shouldering. Oh and I also got a new hair cut, which allowed me to talk to a stylist about my plans to do something fun with my hair in a few months. The plan is to dye my hair purple, the question is shade(s) and how creative we want to get with it. I’m thinking I want to have fun with it, since the timing will be around the time Lupus awareness month is and purple is the awareness color for Lupus.

Here are the pictures from Days 11-20

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You can see my entire 365 Project: 365 Days!


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