Daily Gratitudes Week 3


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This week was full of a lot of things for me to be thankful for. I faced one of the things that causes me anxiety in life head on and got my hair cut, by a stylist and hopefully it is the beginning of a relationship that will allow me to maintain better hairstyles going forward. The biggest news of this week was I turned 31 on the 21st. I’ll try to do a post soley on my birthday later, this is also why this post and my Project 365 20 days rehash post is a little late. I’ll get it posted in the next couple of days though. Here’s my last week of gratitude: 

January 15- January 21, 2015

1-15:The ability to laugh at myself while making silly little mistakes. Trying new approaches and new places. A hair salon experience that didn’t totally suck! A new hair cut that I like. Taking a moment to face anxieties and deal with them. Lunch at a tasty favorite due to being blocked in by a truck unloading. Doug and his ability to ease my headache. Goals, ambitions, and plans.  

1-16:Shorter hair that is more manageable. My lunette cup (better review later but so far I’m amazed). Busy day at Sticks and Stones. Beautiful sunset on the way to Harrisburg. Dinner out with the guys. Coconut coffee. 

1-17:2nd day hair that looks as good as 1st day hair. Opportunities. Unexpected flowers from Mellow waiting for me when I got home. How much I am loved. I got my birthday cards from family in the mail, sweet and very appreciated. Evenings at home snuggled on the couch. As Time Goes By. Doc Martin.

1-18:Eggwhite, bacon and Cheddar croissant for breakfast. Super curly hair today. I’ve gone NoPoo again. My hair seems to be more agreeable to this idea this go round. We will see how it goes tomorrow when I go to style it. Granted it’s also a lot shorter this go round. Moving forward in life and the realizations that convos with friends can bring about. Thankful for the good friends I have that are there for me and the support they offer me. I’m even thankful for those that have chosen to leave because even though I am saddened that they have,  I’m more aware today than ever, who has my back and whose back I should have. Music. Spending time just being.  

1-19:Compliments from complete strangers (even if they were blatantly hitting on me), hey he was a hottie, so I consider myself flattered. Apparently my new hair is a hit with the menfolk. Potato Soup. Prepared bacon by adding water to the frying pan and fixing it that cooking it until the water had boiled off then fried it. Made crisp but tender bacon without the popping and danger factor of straight frying bacon does. Thanks Doug for bringing this method to my attention! Early birthday wishes from friends. An evening around the house. 

1-20:Amusing moments in the waiting room of my therapist’s office. The therapists themselves are fairly entertaining folks at times. Good session today, good talk. The beginning of letting go of some unnecessary guilt that I’ve been carrying around. Emotional baggage is hard. Letting go is harder. Moments of reflection on this last day of my 30th year of life. What an interesting journey life is. The fact that diarrhea jokes still make me giggle uncontrollably like a 12 year old. 2 gallons of pumpkin processed and frozen so far, still a little left to puree on Thursday. The ability to say, “nah let’s finish that project later”.

1-21:Life. It’s my birthday. I’ve made it to 31. It’s been a fantastic day. Started off the day with several texts and facebook messages saying happy birthday.Talked to mom for a few when she called to wish me a happy birthday. Next we got my INR appt out of the way. Doc wears glasses, ya’ll….yep, enough said. I’m sure it’s a good sign when your doctor congratulates you for making it to 31 right? haha Seriously I’ve never been congratulated for having a birthday before. It amuses me when someone is as awkward as me with social statements and such. I have a big ‘ol soft spot for the social awkward folks in my life. Then the sugar overloading began with a donut. A trip to Bath and Body works was next, yea you don’t get to judge me today…this may be where my addiction issue lies though..I may have enough BB&W to see me through a Zombie apocalypse atm. Next a Caramel Macchiato, first ever. OH MY YUM! Then there was a trip to Afton Tavern to consume a Cookie Skillet for lunch. Back to Concord Mills to see Into The Woods. Then We went to World Market and picked up an Extra Dark Chocolate bar and Lemon Soda. We then came home and chilled for a bit and waited on Mellow to come home and I skyped with mom for a bit.  Then we went out for Sushi/Asian foods. A great birthday spent surrounded by love and having fun. Yes a bit indulgent but that’s okay once in a while. I’m just hoping my body doesn’t totally crash and burn tomorrow with all the sugar I had today!  So thankful for all the birthday wishes I’ve received throughout the day! Touched by all the love! 

So what you do all have to be thankful for this week? Even the smallest moments in life give us reasons to pause and be grateful. I’ve found that by reframing the stressful, anxious moments, I can even be grateful for those moments as well. It has really helped me change the way I think and face the problems I have. It doesn’t take all of my anxiety and depression issues away but has definitely helped me. I’m excited that I can use this blog as a way to capture this entire year and have an easy way to look back at my posts. Incase you are just tuning into my blog, or you want to look back too, Here are the previous weeks: (Daily Gratitude Week 2, Week 1)






3 thoughts on “Daily Gratitudes Week 3

  1. I am thankful for wonderful walks.
    For the snow that finally arrived. (again)
    For the fun games in the snow, building caves.
    For the love form my kids.
    To be able to give love.
    For being appreciated at work.
    For living in this great part of the world, no war, no hunger (almost).
    For my time off, my camera and photos.


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