Daily Gratitudes Week 2

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Today wrapped up the 2nd week of my daily gratitude posts. Looking back over the week it was a lot of gratitude for warmth, food, and people, and the smaller things. A couple of significant moments in life where I was truly thankful for the members of my healthcare team and even for the pharmacy at Wal-Mart, since they were able to get me supplied with Azathioprine for the month. Below are my posts that I made to my personal Facebook page:

January 8-January 14, 2015

1-8: thick sock, fuzzy warm boots, thermals, hot coffee, working heat, heated massage tables, massages, Doug, hilarious videos on YouTube.

1-9: productivity while having fun. Hawthorne’s. That sometimes voicing your feelings has to be done even when it causes anxiety and shakiness. Being able to do so and not feeling as though I have to back down for the first time in my life. Knowing what ownership of my emotions feels like. Appreciating the learning experience this presented me. Rocky River coffee and zen grams with the guys. Taking a moment to breathe and regroup.

1-10:QT Donuts and coffee. How on top of things my Pharmacist is (apparently the supply of Imuran/azaTHIOprine is currently being limited by the manufacturer so she called to let me know so we could head off issues of possible shortages, let’s hope it comes in before I run out Thursday…This means both of my Lupus meds are in short supply right now…WTF manufacturers? What gives?) Music that soothes the soul. Games that occupy the mind. Hot showers on a cold evening. 

1-11:A good night’s sleep, almond croissants, getting the things accomplished that needed to be done today off the list. reminders that I have a positive influence on others. that it is almost bedtime (seriously why is it only 8 something?) So tired.  I’m glad we were able to get back in before the rain really set in for the evening. Being cold was enough. I’m drained. Hopefully I will have more energy tomorrow. Headphones, music, and youtube. 

1-12:healthy omelets, hot coffee, errands with Doug, For the first time in a long time Wal-Mart, and the fact that they turned a very stressful situation into an easy solution with my Azathioprine shortage. (really sucks being on medication that is considered ‘special order’ and then it be on national shortage). Good dinner at home, corn bread that turned out perfect, light, tasteful, and well just perfect. Warm socks, a relaxing evening, 

1-13:Zazzle snuggles in the mornings, not having to rush this morning my body did not want to move at all this morning. Not having to be outside much today. Laughter and productivity. Feeling at ease. The ability to look back to where I was at this point last year and appreciate how far I have come in this odd journey I am on. Appreciation of learning more about pharmaceutical companies due to the drug shortages of Azathioprine and Hydroxychloroquine, knowledge is power. Fuzzy warm pjs on a cold evening, and not having to be out in it. I’m thinking it won’t be a late night tonight. 

1-14: That errands we thought were going to take all day only took a few hours. Talking to mom. Dark Chocolate Chips. Supportive Folks that understand. That I am not a mouse with Lupus, I feel life with lupus as a wee beastie would be much more confusing and overwhelming. Thankful for the ability to cook for our household. Cast Iron skillets, the ease at which they clean and how easy it is to keep them seasoned and in use. Must use my Cast Iron cookware more! NPR podcasts.



What were some of the things you were thankful for this week?


7 thoughts on “Daily Gratitudes Week 2

  1. A lot:
    Some days if with my kids.
    Snow has fallen.
    My daily yoga
    Good food.
    Being loved.
    Been to the cinema -twice.
    Great weather for photos one day.
    And a lot more…

    This is ancexcellent idea! Couldn’t you make thus some weekly writing challenge on wordpress to engage people? Thinking over our gratitude is good for us all:)


    1. It sounds like you had a great week. I could make this a weekly challenge on wordpress. I need to look into how to go about doing this, unless tou can direct me to that information? Thank you for that idea! How exciting! 🙂


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