I have started a Project 365 page on my blog, 365 Days. Each day I am sharing a photo to my instagram page (and Facebook) that captures a moment from that day. Some days it is just a random thing from the day, other times it will capture something more significant that I want to remember. I’m excited to see how this project turns out at the end of the year. I will update the page as often as I can, but if you follow me on Instagram you will get instant updates of this project, as well as other things I post on there.

I will try every 10 days or so to blog my thoughts, experience and last but not least the pictures since my last update in a post. Since this is my first 365 post I thought an explanation of why I chose this project instead of attempting to do 100happyDays again.  I attempted 100Days of Happiness last year but was derailed by a flare and a few other life events. I feel that being restricted to only capturing life at its high points was not in my best interest at this point in time. I feel having the ability to share a picture from my day regardless of what is going on and the temperament of the day will allow me to participate daily without having to force myself to be happy during times when this is extremely hard to do. I will update this as frequently as I can but you can also follow me on Instagram if you want to get instant updates that I plan on using for this project as well as other posts I make on there. I am also at a point in my life where I am exploring a lot of different emotions and having the capacity to explore them through a photo blog seems like a healthy avenue at this point. I also came to terms with the fact that due to my battle with depression and anxiety that I am not one of the people who faces these conditions with a sunny disposition. Shoving my emotions inward, and telling myself to put on a happy face when I am not happy, does nothing more than make me feel like a fake, and a liar. Which is exactly what 100happyDays ended up doing to me last year. It did not give me the freedom to be who I need to be to get through the issues I face on a daily basis with my illnesses. I’m a strong woman, and I’ve figured out how I need to fight to win these battles and fight this war as long as I can. I am hopeful that this project will allow me to share moments in life more freely and not feel restricted to putting on that happy face. G’ah just saying that phrase makes me cringe a bit!

These past 10 days have been pretty routine. No major flares to knock me backwards, or that have sidelined me too bad. We kicked off the New year, and spent the day together around the house. It was back to the usual day-to-day and schedules of work and errands by the 2nd.  One of the realizations I had over the week is I lead a pretty boring life picture wise, so you guys are going to see a lot of food shots! At least I am a great cook! Also, you’ll see a lot of shots of our pets. I’ll try to occasionally throw in a picture of us here and there. It’s amazing how much of life goes by and we rarely take pictures of each other. There are 3 of us in our household. THREE adults and we rarely take pictures of each other! Maybe that will be one of my goals for the rest of the month, to get a picture of each one of us!

Okay without any more rambling here are the pictures from the first 10 Days! Enjoy!

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