Daily Gratitudes Week 1

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I have started posting my Daily Gratitude posts on my personal facebook page again. This is a way for me to reflect each day on the things that I have to be thankful for. Some days there will be significant things to mention, other times there will be a chance to showcase the small things in life I appreciate. I will try to round up those posts once a week to share them here. These posts in the past have been a great help to me in reframing how I think about life. I thought the first of the new year was a great time to start posting them again! So without further pause, here is the first week!

January 1- January 7, 2015

1-1:Spending the day with my two favorite guys. My hair is re-dyed, it came out a deeper purple burgundy color this go round, yay! A day spend around the house. Zazzle snuggles. Spiral cut ham, cabbage, and black eyed peas.

1-2:busy days, laughter, hot pepper relish, understanding and appreciative people, games that challenge the mind, good discussions, Friday nights in Harrisburg.

1-3:coffee in the mornings, chocolate glazed donuts, sugar foot scrubs, naproxen, Zazzle’s dinosaur attacks, evenings spent relaxing with the guys and the furry ones, cozy fuzzy boots.

1-4: Watched hair Hairspray with the guys last night. The ability to linger a few extra moments in bed this morning, because it was a rough start (thanks Lupus and weather). Breakfast with Mellow and Doug at Rocky River Coffee, laughter, that the guys like watching history shows as much as I do, Everything is awesome when you are part of a team! Spiral hams last for several meals. Finally went through all the old medical paperwork that I needed to and shredded what I didn’t need to hold onto. Very thankful I am in a place emotionally this was possible. (If I ever question if therapy is working point today out to me)! Chicken & Dumplings for dinner.

1-5:Pumpkin Spice coffee, bursts of energy (assuming it may be the Vitamin D supplements), manic cleaning sprees, Jimmy John’s turkey tom sandwiches with hot cherry peppers, silliness and laughter in the kitchen with Doug, supportive friends that are willing to fund-raise and walk with me for a cause that means a lot to me, The Lupus walk is going to be so much fun in May!!!!

1-6: INR appointment went smoothly, next check is in 2 weeks on my birthday. Therapy was a great today, covered a lot of ground, a lot of self affirming and growth happened in the last couple of weeks, I am becoming my own person more and more. I was able to get Max’s bedding switched over to warmer, thicker bedding and gave him extra blankets for the colder nights ahead. He’s a happy hedgie. That I listened to my body and didn’t push past the wall I felt I was running into today, and I didn’t feel guilty for needing to take to the sideline. Sunsets, and the watching the last bit of daylight fade from the sky.

1-7: Getting the errands done before it got too cold. Slowly replacing our storage containers and lids because they always seem to disappear. Snagged a couple bags of cranberries for super cheap at Aldi’s. I dinner figured out for the next few nights already. Doug and I got Christmas tucked away in the attic until Christmas ’15 rolls around. The smell of snickerdoodle bars warm the soul. It’s the Cinnamon, it has to be the Cinnamon.


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