Triumphant Wings Walk to End Lupus Team

I have exciting news guys! I am made the first step to meeting one of my goals for 2015 this weekend! I signed up for a team spot for the Charlotte Walk to End Lupus Now! By going to the link you can join the team and either walk with us, or you can join as a virtual walker and help us with fundraising and the money you raise will count toward our team total!

For my longtime followers you know how personal this Walk and fundraiser is to me. Lupus affects me personally as well as many of my family members. I will walk proudly on May 16th.

Please Support Walk to End Lupus Now! Each year, thousands of people across the country join forces with the Lupus Foundation of America and walk with one unified purpose – to end lupus. Your generous gift goes towards solving the cruel mystery of lupus while supporting groundbreaking research and providing caring support to those who suffer from its brutal impact.


You can make a donation easily by clicking the “Give Now” button by going to the following link – See more at: Nicole Davis’s Support Page. All donations made on the following page contribute to not only my personal goal, but to our team goal! All funds raised through the following link go directly to the Lupus Foundation.


Or you can donate to the team here team, Triumphant Wings. If you go to the team page, be sure to chose one of our team members to donate to so our team gets credit for your donation! Our team members by name are Nicole Davis (me), C Davis, Douglas Dillman, Zakia Ruffin and Erricka Faw. If you view my blog on the site, you will also notice a donation link on the top right hand side. That is another easy way to donate to the Lupus Foundation.


Current Team Goals

  • Team Members: 5 out of 10 – 50% there!
  • funds $35 out of $1,000- 4%

I will leave you with a short video on Lupus.


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