I’m still around, it’s just been a crazy month. Things that happened while I was away that I’ll catch you up on soon:

  • 5 year Wedding Anniversary
  • Battle with Bronchitis
  • Another trip on the INR rollercoaster
  • More praise for my amazing PCP and his nurse
  • Life happenings of the non-medical variety
  • Migraine from hades
  • Brave Heart Award Nomination
  • Notes from Therapy


I’ll make more regular posts in September, I promise. Hard to believe summer is drawing to a close already isn’t it? I for one am stoked! Autumn is my favorite season so I’m a little excited and counting down the days!


12 thoughts on “Still here- August was Crazy

    1. This will be my first Autumn with an official diagnosis and on treatments. Last year was when all the scariness with APS and the clotting was going on so I don’t really remember a whole other than a lot of trips to the ERs and other medical craziness from last Autumn. This year WILL be better. I am making enough memories this fall to make up for last fall. 🙂 Or at least that’s my plan. 🙂

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      1. I’m trying to lose weight too. Good luck! 5lbs, isn’t too bad so don’t beat yourself up too much! I have about 38lbs to go to reach my first goal then I want to check in with my doctor and see where I should go from there. 🙂


  1. Hi Nicole, glad to hear you are back. I’ve missed you lots.

    Like you, I’m also counting down the days to Autumn. In fact it’s already arrived here in the UK, but then everything seems to have come early this year. I’m poised ready with my camera to get all those wonderful colours Autumn displays.
    Take care and I look forward to reading your posts with all your updates.
    Hugs from me in the UK xx


    1. I’ve missed you too Hugh!
      Our Autumns are weird and often short. It stays hot through until winter in the area I live, but at least we are close enough to the mountains that we can sneak away and enjoy Autumn when we get a chance. I bought my first Autumn related purchase today, fall scented hand sanitizer. Figure I have to use it all the time at various doctor’s offices so I’d start using my own and have better smelling scents! 🙂
      I look forward to seeing your pictures!
      Big Hugs!

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