Appointment Free Week

I can’t remember the last time since October that I’ve been able to say the following words. I did not have a single doctor’s appointment this week. No INR checks, No impromptu drop in appointments with any of my doctors, no lab visits, not even a therapy appointment. There was no checking processes, no waiting rooms, nothing this week. It seemed very odd. Appointments have become so routine that it seemed very odd not having one this week. I did enjoy it though. I know as things settle down I’ll have more weeks that are appointment free. I also know as time goes on I’ll appreciate this freedom more than I did this week.

It’s okay I’ll make up for it later on in the month. Next week I have two appointments, INR check and AL. They are on the same day at a comfortable distance apart that I don’t have to rush between them, yet close enough that I won’t have to figure out a bunch of things to do to occupy the space between.

The following week I will meet my Dermatologist for the first time, and we will discuss these skin biopsies that my Rheumatologist (Dr. L) wants me to have. The week after that I’m scheduled to see my Dr. L and I will also be trying to schedule my monthly follow-up with Dr. C and my INR check, for the day after my appointment with Dr. L. Oh and I’ll be due another appointment with AL then as well. So I’ll pay for this doctor free week then.

Now for what I’ve done with myself during this week of freedom. I’ve gone wild! I’ve eaten all the green stuff. No okay really I didn’t. I wish I could though. I’m seriously missing Spinach this week, and Kale. We were talking about putting a fall garden in last weekend and I realized most of what I would be planting were the high vitamin K veggies. That is problematic since I have to limit my intake of those veggies.

I have felt mostly back to ‘normal’, well as close to normal as I have felt since I got sick last year. I’m convinced I’ll never feel completely normal again but as far as my new normal, I have felt mostly normal this week. So I’m thinking this last flare is over. Bonus!

We visited a couple of parks to get some exercise in and to just be out in nature for a bit. I’m still fighting the having to stay out of the sun, but I’m being smart about it. I’m making sure I put my sunscreen on every 2 hours and I made sure I wore my floppy hat. We also made sure to stick to the shady parts of the park. That helped. I didn’t feel like utter crap afterwards.

I also did a lot of catching up around the house. Yep, being sick, chronically, has gotten me way behind on my chores. I feel really bad about this on occasion. I look at the house and get overwhelmed at times and don’t know where to start to get caught back up. Before you start trying to imagine the state of my house, It’s not THAT bad. I do have two other adults living in my house that have helped it from getting Hoarders bad, or one of the other TV shows bad. But, it’s not up to my standards. So I’ve been picking a project and tackling it when I have the energy and my pain level allows me to and getting it back in shape. A little at a time it will be back to my standards. Plus cleaning helps when I’m feeling extra anxious. It’s much more effective than just sitting and doing nothing.

I’ve also cooked some amazingly delicious meals this week. I have a passion for cooking good food for my loved ones and when I am unable to do so, this is again something that makes me feel really bad. So being back at a point where I can do this majority of the time, makes me feel like I’m contributing again. It’s the small things in life I find the greatest pleasure in.

This afternoon I’m spending time at a local coffee shop. I’m meeting up with my husband in a little while to run a couple of errands and then we will spend the evening together. I started chicken marinating in Pineapple chili sauce prior to living the house for dinner. I’m thinking of firing up the grill when we get home and doing the chicken, grilling some corn, and I’m not sure what else. We are all off for the 4th, so we will spend the day going to our little neighborhood 4th of July Parade, and then doing other stuff throughout the day. It’s Friday night so we will probably grab dinner and coffee out. None of us are big on fireworks so I doubt we will go see them, we will see though. The weekend is in the air, no real set plans so not really sure what we will do, hopefully make the best of it though.



5 thoughts on “Appointment Free Week

  1. So very pleased to hear you have a ‘Doctor’ free week. Wish I was coming for dinner – Chicken marinated in a Pineapple chill sauce sounds very nice. Never heard of it before and never seen it here in the UK, so maybe I can be the first :0
    Happy 4th of July, Nicole. I hope you have a great day.


    1. Well the chicken got pushed off for today. We decided it would be better if it marinated overnight and then cooked on the grill. I’ll try and write out a recipe some point and share it.
      Thanks. We just got back from our little neighborhood parade. It was adorable. Have a great weekend Hugh!


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