And We Are In Range Again!

This weekend, I avoided going out in the sun, took my meds, took it easy, at least somewhat, I’m never good at the taking it easy part. I took 30 mg of Prednisone From Friday until today. I started feeling a little better yesterday, and somewhat better today. I decided to take my 30 mg dose this morning, then I went and checked in with Dr. C. Thankfully this appointment showed improvements. My INR is back in range, it’s 3.5. That means I can resume my normal dosing schedule of Warfarin for the rest of this week, unless I start getting ‘the bad’ headaches. Some warning signs of low INR for me is really bad headaches, silent migraines, and splinter hemorrhages under my fingernails. Those things all show me I need to go to the doctor and get my INR checked, even if I’m not due for a check.

I was so happy to see 3.5 on the INR test machine this morning. I’m pretty sure I would have cried if it had still been low. Cindy wrote down my INR, made notes in my chart on the computer as we chatted and then she left the room. Dr. C came in a little while later and was happy to see my INR had returned to range. We discussed if I was comfortable returning to my regular dosing schedule and I said I was. He then asked if I was feeling better, and I told him a good bit but still not completely. He said he wanted me to stay on Prednisone a couple of days longer so-called me in another prescription for them. He said it would hopefully knock this flare the rest of the way out. He asked when I wanted to come back and get my INR checked and I said in a week since I was on Prednisone, and that med is known to cause spikes in INRs. He the told me that either Friday or Monday would be okay and that Cindy would come back and schedule that appointment with me since the majority of my INR checks will be through her with him calling me later in the day, unless there’s a drastic out of range reading like we were getting last week. I told him how much I appreciated him stepping in Friday when the reading came back so low, and he said not a problem and that the appointment went exactly how he was hoping the set up would work. He’s hoping if the majority of my INR readings are with his nurse we can keep my insurance company from getting fussy later on down the line. He will still want to see me once a month to check in. He then explained that if I ever need to talk to him or if anything happens like it did on Friday then Cindy will come get him and He will either step in at that time or I can wait in the waiting room until he can see me. At least there is a concrete plan of action. That makes me feel more at ease.

Now let’s hoping a day or two longer and I can be done with Prednisone. It causes my usually stable with treatment BP to shoot up. This morning it was something like 144/92 and my pulse was 111. That’s with taking my daily dose of Lisinopril. So needless to say I can only do short treatments with Prednisone. Besides, it causes too many other issues if you stay on it long-term. Wonder drug that it is, it still does some pretty nasty things to a person’s body over time.

When Cindy came back to schedule we decided to do my next check on Friday because she is off next week and I would prefer to deal with her since she is most familiar with me and my issues. It gets old having to explain everything to new nurses, and doctors. So if I can continue dealing with primarily her and Dr. C this will cut down on my stress level as well. So I’ll head back to see her at 9am Friday to see if my INR is still behaving.

Coming up this week in the list of appointments:

  • Tomorrow: Therapy….It’s going to be an interesting appointment. This is the first session I’ve had with her during a flare. Will be interesting to see how discussions go when we have an actual flare to discuss instead of the anticipation of one, or the aftereffects of one to discuss.
  • Thursday: Ophthalmology appointment. Dr. B 6 month Follow up, plus a check to make sure Plaquenil isn’t building up in my Retinas.
  • Friday: INR Check with Cindy.

Full week ahead still plus….all of the other life stuff that I need to accomplish. Yep folks, it’s going to be another busy one!


11 thoughts on “And We Are In Range Again!

    1. Thank you so much! At least being busy should keep my mind off of things. One of the roughest part of all this is when I’m ‘down for the count’ I find myself thinking too much.


  1. I’m so glad!! And so glad you don’t turn into the biggest B**** that roamed this earth, like I do if I have to take Prednisone. I absolutely won’t take it unless it’s absolutely necessary. Sounds like you don’t have that issue, and that’s a wonderful thing. So far, doctors have never argued with me when I tell of the side effect. Believe me; it’s total Dr. Jekyll, Mrs. Hyde for me. LOL!! You go gurl!!


    1. Oh I have mood swings I just learn to warn those around me and they
      guys seem to be really understanding and I try my best to keep ‘the crazy’ contained. Plus we do low doses and I think that helps the ‘roid rage from getting to bad as well. Haha.


      1. 🙂 It’s not just mood swings. I’m mad! About everything and at everyone. BIZARRO. My husband actually asked me to avoid taking it if at all possible!!!! whew… Must be bad!! lol


      2. That’s pretty common with prednisone/steroids. They are horrible for things like that. But amazing for other things. I see them as a necessary evil and only take them when I absolutely need to.


  2. I’ve been tired for the pass few weeks, It kept me from blogging and reading. Now I’m playing catch up. My INR was 1.9 warfin was increased but the following week it was 1.8 so I was up to 12 mg daily. So I guess it was the low INR that had me so tired. I was really fatigued like I felt when I was first diagnosed with lupus. Like you I went Wednesday for 6 month eye exam and INR in the afternoon. I didn’t talk to the doctor yesterday to get the results of the INR. The machine to get the INR results instantly broke so I have to wait for the results to get back from the lab which will be Monday since it’s a holiday. 7/4. I had a really bad blood clot in the back of my knee which told me my INR was low. My teeth started bleeding after the increase which told me the INR was going up. I’m on a high K diet trying to lose weight which to me is important to help with taking the weight off so I could breath better and so my heart doesn’t have to work so hard. I’m going to share this post on my FB page Us Verses Lupus


    1. It’s a balancing act I tell ya. I still don’t know why but Everytime I have a flare my INR drops like a rock. It’s becoming a sure sign a flare is on the way for me. Next time I think I’ll just start the round of prednisone earlier instead of waiting it out. I’m sorry your having INR issues that can make for a less than enjoyable weekend. As for the clot in your leg did you bring that up to a doctor? Thanks for sharing my post. Oh! I’m still working on the questions you sent me. This flare sort of had me down for a bit.


      1. I do understand about being down. Don’t worry when you get it done I’ll work on it and post. No I forgot when I got to the doctor about the blog clot. I have varicose veins so I was thinking of seeing the vascular doctor. I don’t I get lazy about going to doctors. Feel better.


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