Sunday evening pause courtesy of Zazzle. Sometimes she decides I need to take a rest even when I don’t really want to. So being a cute and amazing pet she does what she can and curls up in my lap and holds me hostage on the couch. It seems to always happen when I really do need to take a rest. She seems to always know.

Zazzle sleeping soundly in my lap. #cats #instacat #instapet #catsofinstagram

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More of my lilies are getting ready to bloom. These guys are a deep red/burgundy or at least they were last year. I can’t wait to share pictures of them when they are in full bloom with you guys!

Lilies getting ready to bloom! #flowers #spring #springtime #garden #blooms

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After my crazy Rheumatology appointment I found a 4-leaf Clover. True or not I saw it as a sign that everything was going to be okay. It didn’t take away all of my stress or the emotional response that was triggered from the appointment but it helped.

Misha loves to lay on the deck and just watch over the yard. She’s our big ‘guard dog’ She will bark to let us know when someone is walking down the road past the house. She won’t actually get up out of her place, just wants to make noise to let us know. It’s not even a lot, just a little bark to say ‘hey people, there’s a person walking by, you should know this.’


Gracie got hitched. Gracie is my burgundy red Chevy Blazer. Mellow and Doug installed a tow hitch on her.

Gracie is getting hitched! Gracie is my blazer btw.

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Sometimes when I’m upset, or just need to give some deep thought so something, I go sit under the trees. I’ve done this since I was a kid, which was easy since I grew up in the mountains/country. Now that I live in the city, I am really luck we happen to live in an older neighborhood that actually still has larger older trees in the yards. Our yard is one of the more wooded lots in the neighborhood. The only downside to that is, that most of the trees are Sweet gum Trees.


We went and watched planes at the Airport Overlook. Because of the wind direction planes were taking of opposite of the way they normally are taking off so they were in the air by the time they were in front of us.

Max got his cage cleaned and a bath. He isn’t really a fan of bath time, but hedgehogs require baths. We also started the process of clipping his toenails. This usually takes a few ‘sessions’ because he isn’t a fan of that either and curls into a tight ball.

Max got a bath today. #hedgies #hedgehog #pets

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Dr. C wore purple for Lupus Awareness. Yep he’s a pretty awesome doctor! I consider myself darn lucky to have him as my PCP.

INR check 2.9, stress induced flare. Fun times. Left the dose the same Recheck in 10 days.

INR 2.9. Range 3-3.5. Close. Pretty sure it's a little low due to the stress induced flare this week. Recheck in 10days. I'm liking the built in flexibility that Dr. C is giving me with the 1-2 week window of when I should come in to get it checked. I'm not comfortable with pushing it a full two weeks yet so I'm splitting the difference and averaging 10 days. I have an appointment with my hematologist in June so I will get his thoughts on the spacing of my INR checks and then we will go from there. Though honestly weekly checks do mean a better controlled anticoagulant and I like the sound of that. Rumor has it they are doing away with these little sheets and switching to a different method for inr appointments. Will be interesting and from the sounds of it frustrating for everyone involved. None of the doctors or nurses seem thrilled with the change and neither am I so far. #antiphospholipidsyndrome #aps #hughessyndrome #lupus #lupie #warfarin #anticoagulant

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Lucky Bamboo sunbathing. It’s getting happy and going through a growth spurt right now.

Lucky bamboo getting some sun!!! #luckybamboo #bamboo #plants

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Baby Aloe and Jade plants got some sun time as well.




6 thoughts on “Moments In Time From Last Week

    1. By and large the leave him alone. When we first got him Misha was curious about him, but not in a ‘I want to eat him’ way’ She stuck her nose to him once to sniff him, and it prompted a reaction of frothing and snorting from her. She doesn’t really get close to him now. When we first brought Timber home he was a little more curious about Max and it took him a few more pricks to the nose before he learned his lesson. Our cat doesn’t get anywhere near him, not sure if it’s the scent of him or what, but she just views him from afar. lol Thank you, I have a lot of fun taking random pictures through the week, and figure it gives me a way to show some of the random things I see throughout my week, plus it has been a great reminder to myself that life isn’t all about Lupus/APS. lol


  1. EHHHHHH!!!! = sweet gum trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (due to broken foot.)
    LOVE Max, the hedgehog. Whatever inspired you to get one?
    So glad you’re doing this to remind you that life is more than just illnesses. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing these snippets of your life.


    1. One day last week Misha came limping in from being outside, she wouldn’t put any weight on her left back paw. Doug, my roommate/best friend went to check it out and the culprit was one of the sweet gum tree ball stuck on the bottom of her foot! Those things hurt!

      I had wanted a hedgehog since I was a kid. A little over 3 years ago a friend of mine posted that she had gotten Max as a companion for her other hedgehog, only to then realize they are solitary creatures (except for mating purposes) and that she needed to find a new home for him. I jumped at the chance! 🙂

      I’m glad you are enjoying the snippets of my life. I look forward to sharing more of them.


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