Moments In Time From Last Week

I want to share images I have captured over the last week and posted to my Instagram that highlight moments in my life. There is also a snazzy widget on my sidebar of my instagram if you are viewing my blog from the actual site. That gets lost if you are viewing it in reader, so from time to time I thought it would be fun to do a post and share a few images that I thought were worth pointing out from my week. I will try to do this each Sunday. I hope you enjoy!


My Great-Great Grandpa helped build this bridge. The bridge was built in 1922 as part of the State Work Project.  We went back to my hometown to visit family for Mother’s Day.

This is the dirt road I grew up on. I spent my childhood walking this road, and riding my bike up and down it. We lived down at one end of it and my Great-Grandparents lived at the beginning of it. I would walk up the road every morning to catch the bus. Every afternoon I would get off at their house, my Great Grandpa would have an afternoon snack wrapped in a paper towel for me. It was always a Nutty Buddy Bar and an Oatmeal Pie. This picture was taken halfway up the road facing the main road as we left coming home that afternoon.


It was pets sit weird day at our house that day. First here’s Misha sitting on the couch:

Then just a few minutes later I walked into the kitchen and found Zazzle sitting on the safety gate we use to keep the dogs out of the back of the house:


It was INR day so I wore my Sometime’s It’s Lupus shirt that my husband made me to my appointment. Dr. C he liked it a lot and got it. My INR was 3.3 and I agreed to space my next one 1.5 weeks out. We will see how that goes. He is leaving it up to me and allowing me to decide when I come in as long as I come in every 1-2 weeks. He also ran the labs he is running for Dr. L again and they came back perfect. 2 more rounds at the current frequency and then I’m guessing a new set of orders get sent out. I have an appointment with Dr. L Monday and Dr. C on Friday.

Doug wearing his I’m with Lupus shirt Mellow made him!


Yellow Iris in bloom. With all the warm temps the flowers have been taking turns at blooming!

Gypsy Moth. I find these creatures so fascinating!


It was a stormy day and I caught a shot of rain drops on my Hosta leaves that was neat:

Here’s me in another shirt my husband made me for Lupus awareness! He’s pretty awesome!


I decided to wear my Sometimes It’s Lupus shirt again for Put On Purple Day!

Doug wore his I’m with Lupus Shirt for POP!


I got to enjoy a little time out in the sun today. I upped my SPF to 70 and it was a nice cool spring day. It was gorgeous and it was a great afternoon to be out.

The honeysuckles are blooming and the air is fragrant with them! Their scent brings back so many memories from my childhood.





14 thoughts on “Moments In Time From Last Week

    1. Thanks, fair warning she’s a handful! She sort of adopted us 1.5 years ago. It happened at a time when our cat Sammie, was passing away. Zazzle showed up at our door and sort of hung out for a couple days then we decided to see what she would do if we offered to let her come in. She literally walked in past our Alaskan Malamute, Misha, walked through our kitchen, into the living room and hopped up on the couch and went to sleep. She has lived with us ever since.


      1. That’s a great idea, especially since she has sort of become in tune with my energy. She seems to always know when I need to take a break and rest, which is important when it comes to folks with Lupus. She has come accustom to holding me hostage on the couch during the afternoons to assure that I get my rest that my doctors tell me I need to have every afternoon. It is sort of neat.


      2. That is such a good cat. I am glad she is playing that part in your family and being there. Animals bring such positivity in our life. Please take rest as your doctors tell you.




      3. I’m trying to, I’m it is a learning process though. I’m not use to having to stop like this. It is an really odd experience to me. Really didn’t expect to have to slow down at 30. LOL


      4. I understand Nicole. It must be really hard. Nobody expects this to happen at this stage of the life. I just want you to know, you are not alone and we are with you. Just try follow your doctors advice as much as you can,

        Tc Nicole 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Thanks dear friend! I really appreciate the support! I’m trying to listen to my doctors as best I can, even when they say things I don’t like to hear. (like today). LOL


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