Moments In Time From Last Week

I want to share images I have captured over the last week and posted to my Instagram that highlight moments in my life. There is also a snazzy widget on my sidebar of my instagram if you are viewing my blog from the actual site. That gets lost if you are viewing it in reader, so from time to time I thought it would be fun to do a post and share a few images that I thought were worth pointing out from my week. I will try to do this each Sunday. I hope you enjoy!


Spent time at the print shop. We got a good bit accomplished while there. The new place is coming together nicely and it is so much nicer and and has more space than the old place.

Print shop

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Wise and deep words from the fortune cookie at dinner. After a long day at the shop we decided just to grab dinner out on the way home.

#fortunecookie #fortune

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INR day, Dr C left my dose the same, recheck on Tuesday. Looking like we may have finally found the dose that works for me. I’m saying this knowing that it’s been several months of adjusting my dose weekly to figure out where it needs to be, this may or may not work out to keep me where I need to be. He mentioned being okay with going to every 2 weeks for my INR tests, I’m not there yet, maybe eventually I will be okay with that, not yet though. He’s leaving that decision up to me though.

It was also therapy day. We talked a lot about the things that trigger my anxiety, and about the various reactions people in my life are having when it comes to my diagnoses. She gave me homework and we are going to work within the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy realm to help recondition some of my thought processes. My next appointment with her is Tuesday as well.


My yellow Irises are getting ready to bloom! I’m rather excited about my flowers this spring. I didn’t get a vegetable garden in this year so I’m having to put all my gardening excitement into my flowers. I may still try to get a few containers of veggies started but just don’t have it in me to do a huge garden this year.

I bought a new hat this week. In fact this may be the first hat I’ve bought myself since I became an adult! I was told a few appointments ago I should stock up on sunscreen and consider buying a hat. So I finally buckled and bought one. I normally look silly in hats but I think this one actually looks cute so double win! 🙂


Iris is a little more open so exciting! Yes, yes I really am that excited over blooming flowers!

Installing window graphics on a store window.


4 thoughts on “Moments In Time From Last Week

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the post. I enjoy doing this post it’s a quick snap shot at my week with a few photos I take and give me a chance to utilize my Instagram account. 🙂


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