Two Cents Tuesday Challenge- Lost


by: Nicole Davis

Back before the war,

when life was full of so much more,

before the attacks began that left her lying low,

prior to the red upon her cheeks began to glow

Do you remember her?

Back before the pain became too much,

when life offered a plethora of common touch,

before the tears were cried and the pills were taken,

prior to the beasts within beginning to awaken.

Did you see her leave?

Back before all the tests and results,

when life was pleasantly void of insults,

before appointments became routine,

prior to learning what these medical terms mean.

Is she still in there?

Back before the long list of medications,

when life was full of holistic remedies and meditations,

before being labeled as chronically ill,

prior to the first medical bill.

Will she make it through the battles?

Back before this new life began,

when life was a journey and there was a travel plan,

before things turned upside down, and the way was lost,

prior to my immune system getting confused and crossed.

Will she remember me?


22 thoughts on “Two Cents Tuesday Challenge- Lost

    1. I do know I’m still the same person Maria. Just going through time of transition and adjustment. A few things have forever changed. Some things have not. There are parts of me I feel I have lost. Others I feel are growing stronger. This was what came to mind in reaction to this writing challenge an after a couple of conversations with my therapist about the sense of loss of one’s self. It is an adjustment. I’ll make it through. I know. 🙂

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      1. I know you are doing fine, Nicole. I was just commenting on how much I liked your poem.

        There is a sense of loss when a person goes through a time of change. Sorry if my words came out the wrong way! 🙂


      2. Maria, It didn’t come across wrong at all. I tend to over-justify. That is another thing I’m working on. 🙂
        Loss of self is definitely a concern at times like this. It is something I tried for months to explain to people around me but couldn’t completely put my finger on. At my first therapy session my therapist worded it perfectly, loss of self, and the grief of the healthy me. Yep both explains exactly what I’ve been feeling since August. So now that I know what to call those two emotional reactions, I can begin processing them better. 🙂

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