Dear Lupus

The Lupus foundation is doing a Campaign called Dear Lupus. Imagine you could sit down face to face with Lupus and have a conversation. What would you have to say? What would you want Lupus to know?

Here is how you can participate:

Get started. It’s simple.

  1. Create your Dear Lupus™ video. Share how lupus has impacted your life and how you persevere in the face of the everyday struggles and challenges of lupus.
  2. Upload Your Video: Upload your video to YouTube, or any other video platform. Include “Dear Lupus” in your video title and tag it with #DearLupus.
  3. Submit your video and share it with friends and family.


Be sure to visit Lupus Foundation of America Dear Lupus for more information and to read the Terms & Conditions to participate. If you do participate I would love to hear your story, and see your videos, please comment with links to your Dear Lupus videos! Even if you don’t plan on submitting for official participation, I’d love to know what you’d say to Lupus if you had the chance!


2 thoughts on “Dear Lupus

  1. I doubt they would publish any video I submitted because of the great number of cuss word it would involve. lol


    1. HAHA! You could always do two versions, the real unrated version and the one that you submit for use. 😛 Just a thought. I think it’s a fantastic campaign so I’m trying to come up with something so I can take part in it.


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