Moments in Time From Last Week

I want to share images I have captured over the last week and posted to my Instagram that highlight moments in my life. There is also a snazzy widget on my sidebar of my instagram if you are viewing my blog from the actual site. That gets lost if you are viewing it in reader, so from time to time I thought it would be fun to do a post and share a few images that I thought were worth pointing out from my week. I will try to do this each Sunday. I hope you enjoy!


Zazzle waking up from a nap

Zazzle waking up from a nap. #cat #catsofinstagram #instacat #cats #instapet

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Sunday afternoon relaxing on the couch

Just a Sunday evening relaxing on the couch. @wuggied

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Timber napping on a blanket


INR day, I got a pretty band-aid with hearts!

Mailed my Grandma a birthday card. She turned 78 this week!


Awesome, one of my favorite words, and a piece of art that my friend Miranda got me some time ago


May is Lupus Awareness Month


My mom made and sent me a card!


Walking sunflower seed….errr Potato bug!

It's a walking sunflower seed! #bugs #bug #insects #insect #nature #wildlife

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My Sage is blooming this week

Sage in bloom. #herbs #herbgarden #freshherbs #sage #gardening #garden

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4 thoughts on “Moments in Time From Last Week

  1. I loved your pics Nicole! It occurred to me (in a dream?!?) that I hadn’t put questions on my Liebster nomination, so I have done that. I’m all addled and cannot recall if I told you that I nominated you because even though you have already had one, everyone deserves to know how well they are doing. If you don’t want to do it though I understand 🙂


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