Ring of Fire!

I’m not one to shy away from spicy food, not even my chronic illnesses will change that! I love heat, when done right. Call it my little piece of rebellion, my little corner of culinary masochism. I am a cook, I can create some amazingly tasty dishes. I also know my way around spicy foods. Not everyone shares my love for the burn. So I have over the years adjusted my desires to fit within limits. Occasionally we will be out for a meal and I will indulge in a dish that is above the comfort levels just so I can feel the warmth of the spicy burn as it engulfs my taste buds.

Spicy food really isn’t a form of self-torture for me. I truly do enjoy it, when it is done right. Throwing hot stuff in a dish just to call it HOT does not deem it a Spicy dish done right. Spice is meant to augment the flavors within the dish not to be the flavor. It should compliment the dish, not overwhelm it. This makes me want Thai food, it is one of my favorite ways to consume the heat, and one of the best ways to achieve the Ring of Fire!


10 thoughts on “Ring of Fire!

  1. Chili. I’m crazy for it and the hotter the better. I went through a year where I made chili twice a week!


    1. I love chili!!! Definitely another one of my favorite ways to feel the heat. Though one time I over did it with a batch and ended up having to split a couple gallons into quart starter bags. We had chili starter packs in the freezer for months. Haha!!!


  2. Yum, I love Thai food. But it has to be done right. I once got a Thai dish that literally just tasted like they had chucked a bunch of chillis and salt in water and boiled it for ages… yuck.


    1. Oh dear! That would not have been a good dish. Ick! I am definitely picky over my Thai food and luckily live in an area where there are a few awesome Thai restaurants. I hope you don’t have any more experiences like the one you mentioned!


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