Moments In Time from Last Week

Sunday fun day I want to share images I have captured over the last week and posted to my Instagram that highlight moments in my life. There is also a snazzy widget on my sidebar of my instagram if you are viewing my blog from the actual site. That gets lost if you are viewing it in reader, so from time to time I thought it would be fun to do a post and share a few images that I thought were worth pointing out from my week. Enjoy!


Breakfast at Central Coffee with the Hubby. Decaf and a Cranberry Nut Muffin, with a side of Lupus Medicine:

I received my Lupus Welcome package from the Lupus Foundation:


My friend Susan’s bunny. He was not happy that I took his picture:

My friend's pet bunny. Mr. Nibbles. #rabbit #bunny #pets #bunnies

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INR Day. New Dosing schedule for the week for my Warfarin. Being aggressive! Recheck on Tuesday:


Reedy Creek Park, there’s a turtle crossing sign at the pond near the entrance. How cool is that!?!

Turtle crossing. #roadsigns #signs #turtles #bekindtoanimals

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Dragonfly Pond Trail Marker. This is one of the trails Doug and I love walking. Though honestly we end up wandering off of  it more often than not when we are there:



We stopped to help a turtle get across the street in our neighborhood. Good lord did that thing stink. Yes we washed our hands:

Zazzle’s close up. Just look at her eyes:

Zazzle up close and personal. #cat #catsofinstagram #instacat #instapet #kitty

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Misha, our 103 lbs lap dog, I mean Alaskan Malamute. We weighed both our dogs this week. Between the two of them we have 200 lbs of dog in the house!:


Did I mention I have a slight obsession with scarves? Did I mention my husband bought me two new ones recently? This is one of them:

Enjoying some iced tea at Smelly Cat Friday evening. It was lovely out so we sat outside and enjoyed the cool breeze:

Evening out with the Mr. #datenight #evening #noda #clt #charlotte #nc

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Spring means my flowers are blooming:

My old ripped jeans soothe my soul:


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