The Expected-Unexpected Reactions to Vaccines

Tuesday morning I started my day thinking everything was going to be okay. Around 11:15 I started having rapid fire migraine auras and it became evident that I was having a reaction to something. At the time I thought it may be the nasal spray Dr. C prescribed. I had just taken my dose and they started almost as soon as I took it. After the 4th one started in just a short few minutes I had his office on the phone at 11:30 and Doug and I were on our way to his office for a 12 o’clock appointment with him a few moments later. On the way it dawned on me it was probably the vaccines making my very mild flare worse. By the time I got checked in and the nurse called me back to the room I was almost to aura # 10, was experiencing double vision spells, and blurry vision, my joint pain had doubled in intensity from the day before and I was pretty miserable not to mention a little scared.

Claire was with him again, so she came in, talked to me briefly, checked me over, and then started to step out when Dr. C stepped in. He took one look at me and goes “You are in more pain today than yesterday and we need to stop this from getting any worse.” He went over the options we had, but had already made his mind up as to which one we were going to take. Prednisone was the course we took. It is in my file that I have a mild allergy to this drug. It makes me vomit. I have had one experience with this drug and that was 10 years ago. We had discussed a few times that we may need to try a round of them during a flare to see if it would help me. He wrote the prescription for 30 mg but told me to start with 10mg and see if that helped and to only take the lowest dose I needed, and once I started feeling better to taper down from there.  He also prescribed Phenergan to offset the nausea and any vomiting I may experience from the Prednisone. As I left the appointment Dr. C said he was sorry things were so rough right now, and that hopefully things would calm down soon. He also said he’d like for me to call my Rheumy and let him know what was going on, especially if things weren’t better by Thursday.

After leaving the office Doug and I went by the pharmacy and picked up my prescriptions. As soon as we got back home I took 10mg and as soon as it kicked in my migraine auras stopped. I was still in pain at dinner time so I went ahead and took a second 10mg pill. That was enough to start decreasing my joint pain, but it also required me to take a Phenergan.

Good call Dr. C, Good call.

Today I’m feeling a good bit better, still not 100% so it’s another 20mg day. I’ll see how tomorrow goes and go from there. I went ahead and called Dr. L and spoke with his nurse just to let them know what was going on. She is supposed to call me back if he wants me to do anything differently or has any other advice on what to do. I’m not scheduled to see him until May 19th but she said he may want me to come in before then, and he may want me to go back up on my Plaquenil dose, or he may start Imuran sooner than planned. So we will see.

This morning I was sitting on the couch contemplating calling Dr. C’s office and asking if I could see him for my INR check monday instead of the NP, because we are anticipating it being crazy because of the addition of the steroids this week and I’d feel more comfortable with him overseeing this week’s adjustment. My phone rang and it was the switchboard and I figured it was one of my specialists calling to change the date of an appointment but when I answered the phone it was Dr. C’s office and the receptionist on the phone said there had been a change in the schedule and they needed to change my appointment. So it worked out that my INR check got switch to be with Dr. C anyways, without me even requesting it to be done. This means I’ll see him 3 times in a week’s time, and for the 4th time this month. At least he has a sense of humor, and isn’t as intimidating as some of my specialists!


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