Moments In Time From Last Week

Purple Iris About To Bloom 4/6

Dark Purple Tulip About To Bloom 4/6

Purple Iris in Bloom 4/7

My cat Zazzle 4/7

INR Test Day 4/8

Spring blooms #spring #blooms #shurbs #springtime

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Azalea Bloom 4/8

I got to thank my old PCP today for the role he played in getting me to a proper diagnosis. He was my doc for the better part of 30years…from 6weeks Til I moved away and then when I started getting sick back in August I turned to him because I knew I could trust him to get me answers and treatment. I went with my mom to her appointment with him today and at the end of it he asked how I was doing and I gave him a brief update thanked him for his for his part in my journey and apologized for my insurance making me switch doctors. I also told him Lupus had been added to my diagnosis and I was possibly starting Imuran in a few weeks. He gave it his vote of confidence and said it was a good choice when it came to treatment options for SLE. It eased my mind. This man will never know just how important he had been to me in all this. I was glad I had the chance to say thank you face to face today. #lupus #antiphospholipidsyndrome #aps #chronicillness #invisibleillness #lupie #lupies #sayingthanks #gooddoctors

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Dr. D and I 4/9

Father In Law Bought Me a Laptop! 4/9

Timber Waiting for Doug To Get Up 4/10

Tulip in Full Bloom 4/10

Zazzle Keeping Me Company While I Write 4/11

Doug and Timber 4/11

Surviving Tree Mating Season! 4/12

Ball of Zazzle. (Just look at that cute nose!) 4/12












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