The Words Won’t Write Themselves

Had you met me when I was a curly-haired little 5-year-old and asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I would’ve simply answered: I will be a famous writer. This remained a dream of mine throughout my childhood, through my awkward years as a teenager. I saw my way through my twenties still saying, someday I WILL be a WRITER!!!! Here I sit at 30, wondering how I’m going to achieve this goal of being a famous writer and I finally realized where I was coming up short. The words won’t write themselves.

7 thoughts on “The Words Won’t Write Themselves

  1. No, they won’t. My excuse is that I don’t know what to write about. I try to work out things (like plot, characters, problem, etc.) in my head and if that doesn’t happen (and it usually doesn’t), I stop. My reason for accepting the 365 day challenge was to write every day, even on stuff I don’t care about. It has made it easier to just write. I’ve read books on writing — and different authors have different ways of writing — getting the story out. I remember Sydney Sheldon once saying he just starts at the beginning with a beautiful, successful, strong women, and lets life happen to her. That may take a level of imagination I’m not sure I have. Good luck!


    1. I had to learn to stop being linear about it. If an idea pops into my head I have to get it out, eventually it may work itself into my current work, or it may be the start of a completely new project. I’m currently working on a couple of nonfiction works. However sometimes in the middle of working on my current project my brain churns up a poem, or part of a work of fiction so I have a folder set aside just for those sorts of ‘blurbs’. 🙂


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