You Make Me Smile

It’s one of those morning, it is gloomy out, my spirits are low, I feel Blah. I know it is a combination of the weather, the news of my friend’s death yesterday and more processing of my illnesses setting in. So I’ll spend the day trying to cheer myself up. I will try to acquire dark chocolate today. Yes it IS cliché, yes I AM a woman, and yes sometimes I drowned my sorrows with chocolate. Not just any chocolate, but good quality, dark chocolate. The kind that melts away the gloom as it coats your mouth with it’s richness. The kind that you feel instantly better as you consume it’s decadence. I won’t overindulged. I can’t, but today, I think I deserve a treat. The weather is nasty, my heart is heavy, life is sucky, and I think dark chocolate is in order.

Don’t these Ganache Bars Look scrumptious?

dark chocolate cherry ganache bars 10 1024x1024 dark chocolate cherry ganache bars

I found the recipe for them on this Lady’s Blog. I will have to make these sometime. I’m not sure if today will be that day, but someday I will make these.

Today though I may have to settle for just a dark chocolate candy bar, that I will share with my best friend Doug, while we are out running errands, in the rain and storms.

These are what made me smile today:



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