There’s a DJ In My Joints

After months of pain from Lupus, the first moments of relief, were like being at a nightclub and stepping into the night. Body is numb from the jarring sound but you don’t notice, until it’s gone. That’s chronic pain, a never-ending nightclub playing through my body and I CAN’T LEAVE.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty


33 thoughts on “There’s a DJ In My Joints

    1. Ted, You are welcome. I have grasped for a while how to put it into words, finally they came. It’s there, and sometimes you don’t realize how much it is affecting you until is gone for a brief moment. Wishing you more pain free moments for the future. 🙂


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    1. There are definitely days I agree with that statement! Sometimes I watch people and I wonder what it’s like to live within their ‘walls’. I’m about to call it a night, It’s 10pm here and I have to get up early for my Hematology appointment tomorrow. I’m telling you balancing multiple doctors is a full time job! haha Take care friend I’ll talk to you tomorrow! 🙂


      1. Thinking of you with your doctors visit. I remember getting tired of those. As pain is invisible we don’t know what anyone suffers nor do they see our pain.

        Personally, I hate standing in supermarket queues – that’s when I get to focus on the pain! All I want to do is go home. Hope you sleep well, Nicole. Sweet dreams, my friend.


      2. Another great point. Most people do not display their symptoms. I only mention them when they get to the unbearable stage. It amazes me how quickly people experiencing acute symptoms will complain but then I have to remind myself that they haven’t had to condition themselves the way chronic pain sufferers do. Then I want to hug them because I realize their acute phase complaints are like my unbearable phases.

        I’m up and about to grab breakfast before heading to Dr. M’s office. Fun times. I’m exhausted this morning. Slept great but have no energy.


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